What do you want to find in Ohio?

A group of children playing in fountains in a large downtown area

Vibrant Cities

From art-lovers, culture and history buffs to foodies – there’s a little something every adventurer will find in one (or all!) of Ohio’s vibrant cities. Create lasting memories listening to the award-winning music of the Cleveland Orchestra or spot your favorite piece of art in real-life at the world-renowned Dayton Art Institute. Relax and grab an authentic Ohio bite, smile for perfect photo-op at a colorful downtown mural and more – you’ll experience it all in the heart of the city.

A starry night

To the Moon and Back

This summer marks the 50th anniversary of Ohioan Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon – a milestone fueled by the dreams and bravery of John Glenn, the Wright Brothers, and many more. Experience the pioneering spirit of flight and the awe-inspiring vastness of space at hands-on museums, science centers and observatories honoring the innovation of men and women determined to go to the moon and back on this Ohio Road Trip.

People loading a catamaran onto the shore

The Scenic Route

From seeing breathtaking vistas on exhilarating woodland hikes to hearing waves crash at the shoreline, Ohio’s natural wonders are a feast for the senses and soul any time of year. This road trip will take you hiking, biking, zipping and paddling through incredible parks and nature preserves.

Mother and daughter camel ride at Columbus Zoo

Are We There Yet?

An Ohio Road Trip (or two!) is a great way to create unforgettable moments for families of all sizes and ages. Unleash your inner kid with thrilling rides at an amusement or water park, run with glee through the outdoors, revive your child-like curiosity at a museum or indulge in a sweet treat – all this and more awaits you for the family road trip of a lifetime!

Couple holding on to each other looking at a waterfall running down a cliff

Lovers' Lane

There’s nothing quite like the romance of sharing an open-road adventure with the person closest to your heart to create lifelong memories. This romantic Ohio Road Trip will have you sipping Ohio’s finest wines, glamping in a luxurious, made-just-for-couples yurt, and reconnecting while experiencing the state's most picturesque areas together.

Food on a table

Foodie Fill-Up

Ohio’s rich agricultural land between its cities offers fertile ground for a food and drink scene unlike any other. This Ohio Road Trip will dazzle your taste buds, both savory and sweet, no matter which area of the state you choose. With farm-raised ingredients, inventive chefs, and mixologists creating the perfect beverage for every plate, you’ll be planning your next trip before you finish the last bite!

Statue of a soldier in front of a building

Highway to History

Prepare to be inspired as you embark on an unforgettable journey through Ohio’s past, introducing you to the stories and accomplishments of the brave, innovative and industrious people who helped shape Ohio and the nation.

People riding on a rollercoaster at the peak

Rock, Ride and Explore

First-time visitors will find that Ohio is home to more one-of-a-kind destinations than they can experience in a single trip – so we’ve made deciding where to start easier than ever! From the world’s tallest and fastest roller coasters, to the world’s largest Amish community, this Ohio Road Trip is sure to inspire many return visits!

Couple looking at some art in an art gallery

Culture Cruise

For art aficionados, Ohio’s nationally-recognized museums, galleries, studios and communities are a must-visit. From the nation’s first museum created specifically to showcase American works, to urban centers and neighborhoods brimming with creativity, this Ohio Road Trip to indulge in the arts will create priceless memories.

Outside shot of the Hall of Fame building

Winning Drive

Fans and spectators alike will find something to cheer about when checking out the sports scene on this Ohio Road Trip! From the nation’s first professional baseball club in Cincinnati to the debut of a new Ohio – Champion of Sports exhibit at the Ohio History Center and the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Cleveland to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Ohio is the perfect place to say, “Let’s play ball!”

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